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The foundation was laid down in the distant 1848 by Sava Dobroplodny, an eminent reformer of the Bulgarian educational system. The elite Bulagarian school was reorganized into Bulgarian class school.


Decades of progress have crowned the Bulgarian school with success, yet those would have been impossible without devoted teachers.


Here are some of them:


Sava Dobroplodny


He divided the school into three levels - mutual, elementary and high school. Those levels provided a broad education in a wide range of subjects and studying of foreign languages and philosophical sciences.


Panayot Volov


He sacrificed his life for the prosperity of the Bulgarian people.


Thus, generation by generation, hundreds of disciples have surpassed their masters: Racho Petrov, Kuncho Milanov - Minister of Justice, Nikola Petrov - Minister of Internal Affairs, dr. Zhelyu Zhelev - President of Bulgaria,  and many others like them.


Vasil Drumev


He strived to raise the school on modern grounds and develop the patriotic spirit.


Toncho Zhechev


- a corresponding member of  BAN (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences), Center of Philosophical Sciences.


"We are proud that our Foreign Language School 'Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov' is a worthy inheritor of this past. We train about 700 students in foreign languages and we put into practice Sava Dobroplodny's idea. Let us never lose the spirit and the ambition to be worthy inheritors of the past."


Georgy Georgiev - Principal of Foreign Language School 'Nikola Yonkov Vaptsarov'